At Turtleback Trailers we have a huge value of preserving the outdoors.  Want want people and families to enjoy adventures and weekend getaways for years to come.  There is one product that we don’t leave home without, the amazing Trasharoo!  This easy to mount trash management system is the cleanest and easiest pack to hold trash for your next adventure.

The Trasharoo will mount to just about anything, spare tires, life gates, racks and so much more.  With the adjustable straps and simple design you will have it up ready to go in minuets. The flap of the bag has a great zipper pouch for trash bags and a rag if you want.  A Trasharoo can hold about 3 full 13 gallon bags.  That is a lot of trash!  The inside is a smooth highly water resistant nylon that is easy to clean in case a bag leaks or spills while you are wheeling. It truly is the best all-in-one trash system out there!

So for your next adventure consider picking up a Trasharoo to keep the trails beautiful!  We have all colors with a Turtleback logo embroidered on it, at our sister site Expedition Inspired.  Check it out and pick up yours today!