We know what you’re thinking, who needs power when you head off to disconnect from it all. We fully advocate the idea of disconnecting and enjoy the great outdoors. But having power while you are out can be a huge asset. From running lights at night to cooking some delicious waffles in the morning and of course keeping the fridge running, there’re are tons of reasons to carry portable power and a solar panel to charge while you are out.

Turtleback Trailers 90W Solar Panel-2The Turtleback Trailer 90w solar panel is a rugged rollable panel that comes ready to work with any 12v batteries and solar control system. The 90W is compact, rolling up to a 5 inch diameter by 20 inch height, and is lightweight and flexible making it easy to transport and store. Another great feature of our 90w is its weather sealed construction. You don’t have to worry about bringing it in and out if Mother Nature decides to bring in a quick rain shower.

You will have to test it out for yourself but we believe you will be very happy to add this to your camping musts. You can check them out now at Expedition Inspired.