IMG_2194Hope this finds you well my friend.  I finally got around to cleaning up and sorting some pictures out from my Summer Overland trip to Colorado & Utah.  What a blast that trip was… put about 3,000 miles on the trailer.  Wheeled it hard – people thought we were nuts some of the places we dragged it through, but it performed like a champ.  90 MPH down the highway like nothing, tracks beautifully and over some huge obstacles (Moab got a little hairy), tough trails, and camped out in truly the middle of nowhere in amazing comfort. Though, in 110 degree weather, up some huge inclines at 80, with the trailer well loaded down, the Jeep was little unhappy – story of the torque converter not locking up because of the low gear and really overheating the Jeep.  Once I noticed and slowed to a reasonable pace, it was fine, but I did just re-gear (4.56) anyway to help cancel out the effect of the 35″ tires a bit and help a little. Anyhow, thank you for building a BAD-ASS rig.  Actually just hooked it up and I’m heading to Joshua Tree with some buddies tomorrow.  Great outdoors, scotch, steaks, cigars, relaxing and all made so easy thanks to you!  I still would love to come out to your shop and work with you a bit for a few days at some point… I guess 2016.

-Steve Grandjean