We all have had a lapse. You know, a brain fart. ADMIT IT! Usually we have them when we’re excited or distracted, you know.  Well John had one this weekend on the Hackberry Trail outside Phoenix AZ.

Here’s the story to go with the pictures:  Last Tuesday he picked up his new 2015 Turtleback Trailer and Saturday he went out to show off his new toy to his friends and to cook them a hot lunch at the top of a “Moderate” 4×4 trail. At one point where the scenery offered a good photo op so he popped out to get a couple shots.

When he stopped he failed to put the Jeep in park (previously mentioned brain fart) . When the engine was running it wasn’t apparent so he stepped out of the rig. Figuring he’d be out for a bit he reached back in and turned off the ignition, that’s when gravity took over. The JK and it’s Turtleback decided to enhance the photo op with a little unexpected action and off they went. It was a slow roll after the jackknife showing that turtles can end up on their backs.

For how bad it looks the damage was minimal. A couple of bent awning brackets. some rash on the tent and a side box crushed. Oh and a little bruise on the ego.

On a new vehicle we all fret until we get that first scratch, John doesn’t have to worry about it anymore, whew.

Here’s a video they shot of the recovery. That rear facing winch is kinda cool!