Here are our four different roof rack configurations for the Turtleback Trailers.

All racks are start with 1”x3” rectangular tubing as a base with slat rails to allow storage under the tent.  On the rectangular base tubes we weld (4) 1 1/4” round tube hoops that will hold the smallest to largest Roof Top Tents. They also can accommodate a number of roof rack accessories or baskets for hauling your goodies if you don’t use a top for sleeping. This all comes standard on your Turtleback Trailer.

To the base rack you can add one or both of the following options:

Picnic Table Bracket. Our table bracket is for a 6’ plastic table like the ones from Costco, Walmart or Staples. Most everyone has one of these around the house and the ability to add this to your kitchen area as an eating or prep table makes life easier. Plus you don’t have to invest in an expensive “Camping Table”. The bracket is powder coated and features spring loaded stainless steel retaining pins.

Boat Rack. Our boat rack is perfect for a canoe, kayak or SUP. Using standard ratchet straps for support our boat rack is durable and will not impair the use of most RTTs.