I’ve made numerous extended trips away from civilization. More often than not the reason to leave that great campsite was we were out of water. We decided to put all we could (within reason) into our units. The original prototypes were made with 30 gallons (113 liters). That worked okay.

When I went on a long trip with my 8 & 10 year old boys this past summer, with showers and all, it went faster than I had hoped. In doing our final space evaluations we found that our supplier had a 42 gallon (159 liter). This tank could fill some unused space while not adversely effecting our gear storage. Now I’ve had a few people say that that’s way too much weight. My response is ‘Then don’t fill it, if you need it though at least you can”.

We use tanks made of BPA free food grade material produced here in the USA. Here’s a link to the chemical sheet if you have any questions about what it’s made of. http://www.fpcusa.com/products/PEGeneralDeclaration.pdf

We mounted our water storage tank to above and just forward of the axle. This placement will insure that a varied water load will not adversely effect your Turtleback Trailer’s weight distribution.

Next we went with the Flow-Jet water pump. We liked this pump due to it’s positive reviews of durability and ease of use. It also sports a pre-screen so if you did try and run some swamp water through the system it wouldn’t kill the pump.

Lastly we connected the water system together with PRO-PEX pipe and connectors. This stuff is commercial grade and great in it’s abrasion resistance and durability.