The suspension on a trailer is the most misunderstood part of the unit as well as the one that can potentially leave you stranded without a way out. We addressed this head on and drew from proven technology and the best parts that are readily available.

When I started on this I had dreams of creating this cool off-road, super cool, bitchen cool suspension for the trailers. Did I say I wanted COOL? I started digging into my years of off road experience and designed up some cool ideas. THEN I went back to my initial charge in building the ultimate off road camper and realized this type of suspension just didn’t fit in.

In the original charge of the design it had to be simple, serviceble and strong. So I looked deeper and this is what I discovered:

First – The number one part on a trailer that can offer catastrophic failure is the suspension. So being tried and true was a must. This meant to me that – Proprietary parts are a no no. Travelers need to be able to get the parts on the road. Waiting for a company who built the suspension to find, build or recreate the parts of your suspension when you’re broke down somewhere is not a pleasant thought. Maybe you can have a welding shop somewhere try and fix it up but it’s always going to be a band-aid.

Spare Hub and BearingsSecond – Trailers Do Not Articulate. Having 12″ of travel is a waste of time and money not to mention can lead to handling issues on the trail. It’s simple physics, there are only 2 points of force so articulation is a fallacy. Yes you can at speed get deflection in the suspension, that’s why we have them, yet the travel in almost all instances is a couple of inches or so.

So here is what we decided to use: Our standard axle is a Dexter USA made torsion axle rated at 3500# using 10″ Dexter brakes and backing plates. I tried other torsion systems and this one put out there side by side is stout and affordable. We reduce the spring rate to 2500# due to the light weight of our trailers. This allows the suspension to be able to work.

Our upgraded axle system is a patented Flexride torsion axle system. This upgrade is for the one who wants to be fully prepared for what may lie ahead. It offers a spline axle/trailing arm assembly that allows you to adjust your ride height to accommodate different tire sizes and for the prepared group, it allows you to change out a damaged spindle or bent trailing arm on the trail in about 20 minutes. It truly is a lifetime axle assembly, we even put an extra greased hub and bearings that can be swapped on from the tailgate system.