A little about the electrical system and components on the Turtleback Trailers:

I remember running accross the Borrego Desert one night with my 6 volt off road lights on the first dune buggy I built in ’76. My big bore 40 hp VW engine had a 6v generator. I didn’t know how amperage/voltage effected each other back then. I remember vividly watching the wire I had run up the frame rail glowing bright red before the insulation burst into flames and I was left in the dark 5 miles from camp.

We have engineered things quite differently on our trailers. No, the wiring of lights, chargers, water pumps and batteries isn’t brain surgery yet there are precautions you can take to give you flawless results.

We start with US made “GLX” Automotive Grade wire. Why? Firstly the insulation. It is extremely abrasion resistant. My dune buggy failure was due to thin insulation coupled with too many amps (creating a melted insulation) that wore through and grounded out on the frame. We expect your Turtleback Trailer to go to the extreme. If exposed to harsh elements we want to insure no failure due to cheap wire. Additionally the stranded copper wire is sized one size larger gauge than recommended for the projected amperage of each circuit.

Next we use American Made “F Crimp” or “Double Barrel” spade and loop connectors in the system. Where these differ from standard solder-less connectors is they attach to the insulation of the wire as well as the copper conductor. This additional connection reduces the fatigue that can be seen through vibration on the conductor. In a thin gauge wire soldering of joints is not recommended because the heating process makes the copper brittle. A good structural connection is the best method to add ends and where applicable heat shrink is used for extra insulation.

We went to the marine grade of electrical components due to their engineering for the extreme. We use Blue Sea Systems out of Bellingham Washington. They offer top of the line electrical components that integrate perfectly into our application.

Each Turtleback Trailer comes standard with the following Blue Sea Systems components:

  • M-Series BatterySwitch
  • ST Blade Fuse Block
  • 12v DC Socket (cigarette lighter plug)
  • Dual USB Charge Socket